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Wide Easy Half Trousers

Wide Easy Half Trousers

-Easy half trousers that follow the details of the standard easy trousers.

-The 2 tucks that are deeply picked make the silhouette around the waist look beautiful.

-The material used is Australian merino wool.

-2/72 merino wool yarn is woven and processed in Bishu, and the vertical density is increased to create a beautiful gabardine pattern.

-Even though they are shorts, they are very elegant pants with 2 tuck shadows and drape feeling.

-Adjustable waist with drawcord.

-Material: Wool 100%

*Size S: Waist 76 / Rise 32 / Subsidiaries 23 / Thigh Circumference 38 / Around the hem 33

*Size M: Waist 80 / Rise 34 / Subsidiaries 24 / Thigh Circumference 39 / Around the hem 34

    HK$1,980.00 Regular Price
    HK$1,287.00Sale Price
    Color: Black
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