Ventile ® Cotton Military Bermuda Pants(Greige)

Ventile ® Cotton Military Bermuda Pants(Greige)



Bermuda trousers based on the M-51 military trousers. Features a voluminous silhouette below the knee length. You can enjoy the change in the drawcord through the hem. The front left cargo pocket can be removed with a dot button. The left front cargo pocket is detachable with a dot button and can also be used as a sack with the attached cord.


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Waist 96.5

Hips 59

Inseam 30/35.5

Inseam 39

Hem width 36.5

Length 69



[Model Details]

Female model height 178cm

Takashima model height 168cm

Wearing size:FREE size


This is a 60/2 twill-weave ventilated material. It has a moderate elasticity and lightness, and has excellent characteristics of water resistance and water repellency.



VENTILE® is a fabric produced by Talbot Weaving, a fabric manufacturer based in Lancashire, England. Originally developed for the British military, the fabric is made from fine warp cotton twill yarns beaten to the limit to ensure the natural breathability and water repellency of the material.

When it is wet, the fabric expands and becomes impermeable to further water, a property which was adopted by the Royal Air Force. The fabric has an excellent ageing effect. It is a very rare fabric as it requires a lot of long fibres to make the yarn and a lot of yarn to make it.


[Country of origin]

Gifu, Japan

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