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Ventile Cotton 2Tuck Wide Pants (Gray)

Ventile Cotton 2Tuck Wide Pants (Gray)

- 2-tax wide easy pants with military essence.

- Details such as pockets and tacks have been removed from the volume of the m51 pants for a simple finish.

- Leave the hem adjuster and match the shoes, I think that you can try various dresses with the balance of the tops.

- The waist is also elastic so it can be used by people of all shapes. I think you can match it


[FREE size]

Waist 74 (waist rubber maximum 105)

Hip 68

Watari 42.5

Rise 31.6 / 35.4

Inseam 71

Hem width 31

Total length 102.5



* Model details

Female model height 178 cm

Takashima model height 168 cm



Outer fabric: 100% cotton


It is a twill weave ventilated material using 60/2. It has an appropriate elasticity and lightness, and has excellent characteristics that demonstrate waterproof and water-repellent effects.



Fabric developed by Talbot Weaving, a fabric manufacturer in Lancashire, England.

Originally developed for the British military, by driving the cotton twin yarns of fine work gloves to the limit, it becomes a material with excellent water repellency while ensuring the original breathability of natural materials. It is an outer material adopted by the Royal Air Force, which has the property of expanding the fabric when it gets wet with rain and making it impervious to water. You can enjoy aging such as atari and uneven color. Cotton with a long fiber is required to make the thread, and the amount of thread used is large, so it is a very rare fabric.


【country of origin】


Made in Japan Gifu