UK Denim Army Hat

UK Denim Army Hat

- The new Army Hat for Spring / Summer 2022. This hat is a reproduct of the M-37 type army hat. The fine sewing specifications such as the Sugi Aya tape on the back of the stitch, the stitch width, and the cleanup of the back of the slip have also followed the original. In the original, a cotton fabric of about 12 oz is used as the brim core, and in order to reproduce the texture more faithfully, domestic white denim with selvedge is used luxuriously as the core.


- The material is 8oz denim by Chapman, a fabric maker that was founded in 1869 and still plans and operates in the UK. It features a flat expression and a firm feeling that suppresses Nep.


- Material: 100% Cotton


- Standards: Chapman / UK 8oz denim / Nep herringbone tape /selvedge denim core / produced at a domestic fabric hat factory / made in Japan


* Head circumference: 60 / Brim length 6.5

※ Please allow for a small degree of error.

    Color: Denim