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TAUPE / Mohair Long Sacarf

TAUPE / Mohair Long Sacarf

-A trendy large muffler made from alpaca yarn. It has a panel-like switching design with the same color scheme as the cardigan that is made of the same thread. The ends are tied by hand to create a fringe effect. It can also be wrapped twice, creating a voluminous style around the neck.

-A bushy knit material made from alpaca and mohair. Although it has a unique brushed feel, it has a very smooth texture. -It's thick and tightly woven, giving it a luxurious feel and adding volume to your neck. Furthermore, by mixing stretch yarn, even knit materials that tend to sag can be prevented from losing their shape.

-Material: 42% Acrylic 25% Nylon 7% Alpaca 6% Mohair

    HK$1,830.00 Regular Price
    HK$1,098.00Sale Price
    Color: BLK
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