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TAUPE / Ckn Wave Tee

TAUPE / Ckn Wave Tee

“Curiosity Killed Nothing” A paradoxical message to the old American proverb, “Too much curiosity is a recipe for disaster.”  It means that despite failures, curiosity and initial impulses have driven humans to make new discoveries and evolve.  The distorted graphics express instability, giving the impression of a bolt of electricity.  The left cuff is embroidered with a Red Pill/Blue Pill motif that represents choice.

-Material: 100% Cotton

-Made in Japan

*Size 2: Length 76 / Shoulder width 56cm / Width 60cm / Sleeve length 25cm

*Size 3: Length 80cm / Shoulder width 59cm / Width 63cm / Sleeve length: 27cm

    HK$960.00 Regular Price
    HK$576.00Sale Price
    Color: Sax
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