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TAUPE / Ckn Chemical Sweat Shirt

TAUPE / Ckn Chemical Sweat Shirt

“Curiosity Killed Nothing” A paradoxical message to the old American proverb, “Too much curiosity is a recipe for disaster.”  It means that despite failures, curiosity and initial impulses have driven humans to make new discoveries and evolve.  Graphics reminiscent of the Chemical Brothers, who led the electro rave scene.  It expresses curiosity in search of a trip feeling.  The left cuff is embroidered with a Red Pill/Blue Pill motif that represents choice.

-Material: 100% Cotton

-Made in Japan

*Size 2: Length 75cm / Shoulder width 56cm / Width 61cm / Sleeve length: 63cm

*Size 3: Length 78cm / Shoulder width 59cm / Width 64cm /Sleeve length 64cm

    HK$1,520.00 Regular Price
    HK$912.00Sale Price
    Color: D.Gray
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