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Summer Big Windows Shirt

Summer Big Windows Shirt

- Soft cotton chambray material with a crisp texture.

- Indigo-dyed threads are used, and the more you wear it, the more discoloration and atari, etc.You can also enjoy aging.

- White stitching creates a work shirt-like atmosphere.

- A large-capacity short-sleeved shirt jacket with a hunting jacket design.

- The left and right square pockets are divided into 3 rooms, and you can store things around you such as wallets and keys.

- Can be stored in small pieces.

- Fits modern usability, such as designing a size that allows smartphones to fit sideways.

- Triple chain stitch is used for sewing key points, making it workwear-like.

Essence is also injected.

- Big silhouette with shoulders dropped and plenty of width.

- The soft fabric falls vertically, creating a relaxed and relaxing atmosphere.

- Material: Cotton 100%

*Size M: Length 73/ Chest 68 / Shoulder 60 / Sleeve 22

*Size M: Length 75/ Chest 71 / Shoulder 63 / Sleeve 23

    HK$1,840.00 Regular Price
    HK$1,104.00Sale Price
    Color: Natural
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