Slate Huaraz Trekking Sweat Shirts

Slate Huaraz Trekking Sweat Shirts


-16's cotton single / COTTON 100%

- Coma heavy Jersey
- Crew neckline & adjustable sports string 
- Extreme loose fit 
- Drop shoulder
- Logo graphic back printed
- Pigment dyed
- Natural washed


Peru is a country where the temperature can change in a minute. When we visited Huaraz, a mountainous area, the weather was hot as a summer day, but after sunset, the weather suddenly changes and temperature can drop under 10 degrees Celsius. 
The landscapes, the colors, locals, everything inspired us this piece. Indeed, the fabric, a Heavy oz jersey material, will give you the comfort and the relaxed silhouette that you will need in this kind of environment. 
To finish the look, we added some vivid colored strings, a color touch that symbolize the warm mood in our memory of this city.

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    Color: Slate