Slate Colca Canyon Hoodie

Slate Colca Canyon Hoodie


-16's cotton single / COTTON 100%

- Coma heavy Jersey
- Hooded & & adjustable sports string
- Extreme loose fit
- Raglan sleeve
- Logo graphic back printed
- Pigment dyed
- Natural washed


It is a hooded jersey inspired by Colca Canyon, a canyon located at 3800m above sea level.
This place is known for its condors and the high altitude of the place.
In this altitude, the sunlight and the wind are very intense.
Therefore we wanted to create an item that will be able to protect us from the heavy sun and the strong wind. The shape of the hood and the whole garment is very cool, and uncommon.
It fits perfectly with any body shape and creates instantly a cool silhouette thanks to its oversized pattern.

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