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Silk Black Watch Short Coat

Silk Black Watch Short Coat

- Box silhouette fly front blouson.  

- It looks simple at first glance, but when you wear it, you can clearly see the unique pattern making.

- A slightly unbalanced large collar, greatly dropped shoulder width, the biggest feature is the silhouette of the sleeve sleeve, and pattern making that gives extreme volume to the elbow part like the pilot JKT.  

- The material is 100% silk with a water-repellent finish. Expressed in 100% silk based on the cotton gabardine project known as "Burberry".

- The pattern is a typical British traditional tartan (black watch).

-The unique luster of silk gives the traditional black watch pattern a new depth of expression.

- The fabric is carefully blanched to create a supple and soft texture.

- Material: 100% Silk

*Size S: Shoulder width 63 /Width 66 /Sleeve length 55 /Length 74

*Size M: Shoulder width 65 /Width 68 /Sleeve length 57 /Length 76

    HK$5,390.00 Regular Price
    HK$3,234.00Sale Price
    Color: Blue x Green
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