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Sea Island Cotton Socks

Sea Island Cotton Socks

・ 100% sea island cotton is used

・ Brand logo print on the outside of the left sole

・ Knitting and sewing at a factory specializing in high-end socks in Nara Prefecture


- Made in Japan


- Low gauge rib socks made from 100% Sea Island cotton. Using a firm and thick yarn, we knit it thickly at a factory specializing in high-end socks in Japan. High elasticity and firm and elastic ribs wrap your foot firmly.


- Sea Island Cotton, the source of all ultra-long cotton, is called "phantom cotton" because of its rarity of less than 1 / 100,000 of the total cotton production. The spun yarn can be strong and supple because the fibers are finer than ordinary cotton and require more fibers to make yarn, as well as an elegant luster and a smooth feel like cashmere. It is a feature.

    Color: Natural
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