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SABY / Lapel Shirts
- Rayon Ramie -

SABY / Lapel Shirts - Rayon Ramie -

-Made with ramie blend striped fabric. It features the dull luster of ramie and the softness of rayon. Although it is a traditional pattern, it is sweetly applied. Because it is set, it has a sheer feel, and it uses a very well-balanced fabric that has a cool texture and appearance. The design is an open-collar design with the image of a lapel, and the sleeves are also choreographed in a three-dimensional pattern. Taking advantage of the slightly stretchy texture, the overall image is like a jacket.

-Material: Rayon/43% PL/48% Ramie/9%

*Size 2: Shoulder 47 / Chest 61 / Length 81 / Sleeve 65

*Size 3: Shoulder 49 / Cest 63 / Length 83 / Sleeve 67

    Color: Green Stripe
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