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SABY / Knit Paper Cardigan

SABY / Knit Paper Cardigan

-It will be an item knitted with a 7-gauge deformed Lynx structure. Two types of Japanese paper are used for the material, and threads with different color differences and quality are used to express a deep color and texture. In addition, the links pattern has been modified to create a sheer knitting structure (pattern) that is extremely light and comfortable to wear. The placket rib part is also designed with a border pattern at an irregular pitch and finished with very elaborate specifications. The silhouette with the shoulders removed and the bottom of the kettle lowered to create a loose silhouette,

The length is set short and finished with a unique sense of balance.

-Material: Japanese paper/31% Lyocell/18%

Co/38% Rayon/13%

*Size 2: Shoulder width 61 / Chest width 65 / Clothing length 57 / Sleeve length 58

*Size 3: Shoulder width 63 / Chest width 67 / Length 59 / Sleeve length 60

    HK$2,790.00 Regular Price
    HK$1,953.00Sale Price
    Color: Bright Yellow
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