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SABY / Kamata Denim Trousers Type01(VINTAGE WASH)

SABY / Kamata Denim Trousers Type01(VINTAGE WASH)

-The fabric has been changed to 12.5oz selvedge denim for spring/summer.

-The uneven yarns are arranged in a balanced way in the weave to create a fabric that has a natural texture.

-The silhouette is the same as the 23AW season, a wide tapered silhouette.

-A unique silhouette has been created using a special cutting pattern created together with the pattern maker.

-Unlike typical denim patterns, the front and back are significantly different in volume.

-The hip line has a trouser-like line, creating a clean look and impression.

-The 24SS model features a bicolor design on the belt (front and back), front PKT, and back yoke.

-Material: 100% Cotton

*Size 2: Length 80 / Rise 38 / Inseam 67 / Ferry 34 / Sleeve 23

*Size 3: Length 84 / Rise 39 / Inseam 68 / Ferry 36 / Sleeve 24

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