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SABY / Kamata Denim Trousers Type 01 - Remake Paint Vintage

SABY / Kamata Denim Trousers Type 01 - Remake Paint Vintage

-For spring and summer, the fabric has been changed to 12.5oz selvedge denim.

The uneven yarns are arranged in a balanced way on the weave, and the fabric has been adjusted to give it a natural texture. The silhouette is the same as the 23AW season, with a wide tapered silhouette. A special cutting pattern created together with the pattern maker has been used to create a unique silhouette. Unlike general denim patterns, the front and back are significantly different in the amount of fabric. The hip line is lined like a trouser, creating a clean look and impression. The item has been remade by hand by a craftsman and painted in four colors. Please note that there will be individual differences as each item is remade and painted by hand. -This is the first time that the brand has used such elaborate processing, and we hope you can feel the breath of the craftsman.

-Material: 100% Cotton

*Size 2: Waist 80cm / Rise 37cm / Inseam 70cm / Thigh 37cm / Hem width 22cm

*Size 3: Waist 84cm / Rise 38cm / Inseam 72cm / Thigh 38cm / Hem width 23cm

    Color: Kinari Vintage
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