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Rayon Check Shirt

Rayon Check Shirt

- Uses 100% rayon ombré check fabric that was originally produced.

- Check out various VINTAGE RAYON SHIRT by age,

Carefully selected materials that are the most familiar to the skin and can be worn without stress.

- Finished weaving the check of the original pattern with a modern technique and produced it.

It's a color that was not likely, but I made it a combination that can be worn without difficulty.

- Aiming for the most familiar shirt that you wear in your hand when you notice it,

The pattern is sized to create a silhouette.

- The collar has a flexible collar that can be worn like an open collar shirt or a regular shirt.

- Processing is also done by hand, one by one.

- It is an ambitious work that has been modified so that the finish does not look flat.

- Material: Rayon 100%

- Made in Japan

*Size 1: Length 76 / Shoulder 61 / Width 66 / Sleeve 60

*Size 2: Length 78 / Shoulder 63 / Width 68 / Sleeve 62

    Color: Yellow