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Quilted Grn - Digit No. casual cuff socks

Quilted Grn - Digit No. casual cuff socks

Style : Digit No. Color : Quilted Brn, Quilted Blk, Quilted Grn


Size  : 23~29cm


Composition : 51%Cotton, 40%Nylon, 6%Skinlife®, 3%Lycra® Digit No.


The third and final design of the Digit No. collection transforms the quilted layer of standard military winter jackets into patterns for the sock and uses thick yarn for a more rustic, unruly look that, when observed in detail, presents camouflage textures. The socks are available in three different colors that will blend perfectly into any fall/winter outfit. Inspired by the epic world in 1917, the Digit No. collection adopts elements from military uniforms to deliver three drastically different silhouettes.

    Color: Green
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