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Patch Horizon - Patchwork Crew socks

Patch Horizon - Patchwork Crew socks

Style : 2022ss Hybridity
Color : Patch Horizon
Size : 23~29cm
Composition : 46%Acrylic, 38%Nylon, 10%Skinlife®, 3%Lycra®, 1% Polyester
Made in Taiwan


Patch & Sewn socks will be pieced from blocks of different textures and colors to create a random, complex, and asymmetric design. Different techniques, including overstitching to add 3D textures, will be stacked together to deliver the Patch & Sewn collection in three different colors: Patch Horizon.

For the Patch & Sewn collection, nozzle quiz aims to deliver a lightweight sock, removing any kind of heaviness. Patch & Sewn socks are ideal for pairing with sandals during the summer as the textile used can wick away any perspiration to offer a comfortable, breathable experience.

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