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Oversized Raw Denim Jacket Type1 (Indigo Rigid)

Oversized Raw Denim Jacket Type1 (Indigo Rigid)

Based on the 1st type denim jacket with a straight box-shaped silhouette and one pocket on the left chest, the cinch back has been changed to a side adjuster, and the side adjuster can also open and close the slit. The pockets are also set inside the slits to create a minimalist denim jacket with all the details removed.

Cow leather is accented on the back of the collar and sleeves, making it one that you can enjoy in a variety of ways.


【L size: 3 (Mens size)】


shoulder width:52.3


Sleeve length:90

Sleeve Length:64.5



Outer fabric: 100% cotton

Separate cloth: Cowhide


13 oz 50's natural vintage denim from Okayama features a solid drive. We disassemble and analyze used clothing denim from the 1950s and spin yarn. The indigo is made of Sakamoto denim, which is pure indigo that is not mixed with sulfur, etc., and has a clean and beautiful vertical drop. Weaving is done in Ihara, and final sanforize processing is done in Kojima. By mercerizing the final process of the above denim, the fluff on the surface of the thread is eliminated, and the denim is changed from a crude denim to a glossy and elegant denim.



The cowhide used for the back of the collar and the back of the cuffs has a luxurious thickness, and the craftsmen have carefully dyed it so that the original texture of the skin can be utilized. You can enjoy the texture of aging.


【Country of origin】

Made in Japan

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