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Out Of Alignment Cuban Shirt (Olive)

Out Of Alignment Cuban Shirt (Olive)

- A Cuban shirt tailored with classic details of dismantling and reconstruction.

- It features a unique design that looks like a cut on one side of the body.

- Special embroidery is placed on both the front and back to make it look like ivy.

- A side slit with a button is provided, and the silhouette can be arranged by fastening it to the button on the back hem.

- For polyester / cotton material with a good feeling of falling,

- The front is a set-in sleeve, and the back is a raglan sleeve.

- It is a loose silhouette that is versatile as a haori.

- Material: 78% Polyester 22%Cotton

* Length 72 / Shoulder 65 / Chest 66 / Sleeve 21.5

    HK$1,890.00 Regular Price
    HK$1,520.00Sale Price
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