Moleskin Coverall Jacket

Moleskin Coverall Jacket

- ANCELLM's classic coveralls

Made from moleskin material.

- The shoulder line is created using a technique that is also used in tailoring, and the silhouette incorporates various techniques in the pattern, such as adopting a single sleeve that makes the sleeves look neat.

- It is thin, so it is recommended to wear it as an inner layer like a shirt.

- The processing is dyeing that fades as you wear it.

- Furthermore, by rubbing unevenness one by one and adding dirt,

- In order to make the appearance of three or more layers in the depth of color

- Since we have various processes,

Wear it and it will give you more shadows.

- Uses water buffalo buttons.

- Made in Japan

- Material: 100% cotton

*Size 1: Length 74cm / Shoulder width 52cm / Width 63cm / Sleeve length 58.5cm

*Size 2: Length 76cm / Shoulder width 54cm / Width 65cm / Sleeve length 60cm

    Color: Dusty Purple