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M-51 Arctic Trousers

M-51 Arctic Trousers

- Material: Cotton 53% Polyester 47%

*Width : 70cm / Length : 66cm /Shoulder width: 48cm

A modern update to the driver's knit worn by truck drivers.  

Knitting is done in Niigata Prefecture, which is a knit production area in Japan, and the raw material is compact spinning cotton covered with polyester long fibers, and it is produced with 12G three-dimensional knitting on both sides.

- Material: Cotton 55% Nylon 45%

*Waist : 78cm - 92cm / Rise: 35cm / Inseam: 68.5 cm / Watari: 35cm /Hem width: 32cm

-A sample of the overpants that were made to be worn over the M-51 cargo pants officially adopted in 1951, and the details have been changed to make it more modern and easy to wear.

-The waist is elastic, adjustable with a string, Talon zipper specification, and the hem can be adjusted with a string.

-Side cargo pockets contain straps to act as a tourniquet or to secure the contents.

-Originally, since it is overpants, the waist pocket is a through specification (no bag in the pocket), but we have added a pocket in consideration of usability when wearing it around town.

-Glossy cotton/nylon material with a crisp texture, 80% cotton compact for warp, and fine yarn of nylon filament for weft.

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