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Loosely Twist Moleskin 1-Tuck Baggy Slacks

Loosely Twist Moleskin 1-Tuck Baggy Slacks

- Uses Moleskin fabric woven using sweet-twisted ultra-long cotton. While it has a moderate thickness and firmness like a military-derived fabric, it has the swelling and luster unique to ultra-long cotton.

- It has a neutral look with less unevenness and fluffiness on the surface.

- A new 1-tax lux with a generous silhouette that has volume around the waist and keeps the thickness up to the hem.

- A pattern different from the specifications of general slacks is adopted around the hips, expressing the roundness and volume of Euro vintage military trousers. The hem has a single finish.

- All buttons are thick buffalo buttons, and Lampo's classic slim zipper is used for the placket. It is an original Marvelt specification with a brand logo.

- Material: 100% Cotton


*Size 3: Waist 80 / Rise 35 / Inseam 66 / Watari 36 / Hem width 28


*Size 4: Waist 84 / Rise 36 / Inseam 68 / Watari 37 / Hem width 29 


*Size 5: Waist 88 / Rise 37 / Inseam 70 / Watari 38 / Hem width 30

    HK$1,970.00 Regular Price
    HK$1,182.00Sale Price
    Color: Olive
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