Linensuede Oversized LS Shirt

Linensuede Oversized LS Shirt

- While adjusting the coarse linen material, brush it to the limit,

Finished with a suede-like finish.

It is a material that increases the atmosphere as it is washed.

- Adjust the dimensions such as the width of the body and the width of the shoulders for the silhouette,

Although it is oversized such as cutting and drape on the back,

The pattern has a silhouette that fits well.

- Use shell buttons

- Made in Japan

- Material: 100% linen

size details

*Size 1: Length 87cm Shoulder width 67.5cm Width 52.5cm Sleeve length 65.5cm

*Size 2: Length 88.5cm Shoulder width 54.5cm Width 69cm Sleeve length 67cm

    Color: Red