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KANEMASA PHIL / 46G Atmosphere Stripe Open Collar SS Shirt

KANEMASA PHIL / 46G Atmosphere Stripe Open Collar SS Shirt

-From this season onwards, we have chosen the name ``atmosphere.'' The name comes from the relaxed silhouette and loose feel of the material. This is a classic shirt item for the SS season. 46G, a super high gauge material, realizes the high-density plain weave structure of a typewriter fabric. It has high stretchability and is so comfortable that you won't want to stop wearing it once you put it on.It also doesn't change its shape such as wrinkles when worn, making it easy to care for. A new standard shirt fabric that only we can create, with a sense of firmness, luster, and easy care.

-The details are a dress shirt, all rolled up and sewn, and a shell butterfly button is used. Recycled polyester and SRO yarn are dyed in two baths (a method in which different materials are dyed in two different dye solutions in succession) to create a deep color. The excellent pale tone color can be worn regardless of the season or gender. Due to the material's firmness and luster, the pattern is over-patterned, but it doesn't look too casual.A one-of-a-kind, luxurious, loose-fitting shirt that combines the dressy feel of the fabric with the casual feel of the pattern.

-We created an open collar with the silhouette of a short-sleeved shirt item, which is a staple of the SS season.

-By creating casual items with elegant chalk stripe patterns and regimental patterns, we create items that stand out from the rest.

-The hem has the classic round shape, so you can wear it for any occasion.

-Starting this season, we have changed the raw material of the cotton thread and updated it to use a fine count double thread of 160/2. By using gas-fired yarn, it has a more glossy feel and reduces fuzz after washing. The newly reborn KANEMASA PHIL. standard shirt.

-Material: Cotton(recycle organic) 45%

Polyester(recycle) 55%

-Made in Japan

*Size M: Length 78/81 / Shoulder width 52 / Bust 73 / Sleeve length 26.5

*Size L: Length 81/84 / Shoulder width 54 / Bust 77 / Sleeve length 28

    Color: Salmon Pink
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