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KANEMASA PHIL / 28G Rope Dyeing Denim Shirts

KANEMASA PHIL / 28G Rope Dyeing Denim Shirts

-The twill structure is formed using a unique knitting machine called a 28G jacquard machine.  By dyeing cotton using rope dyeing, we have developed a knitted fabric that looks more like denim.  The cotton is made from specially ordered recycled vinyl cotton, and the polyester is made from eco-friendly materials.  High-spec denim with the stretch of knit, unique firmness, and no worries about fading.  By over-dying the polyester on the back and dyeing it beige, we created an item that looks completely like denim.

The high-gauge material is woven into a tight structure and sewn at one of the best sewing factories in Japan.

-Finished with a classic shirt silhouette.  We have modified details such as the elbow tucks to take advantage of the firmness of the material.

-The shell butterfly button is also finished with a beige butterfly, giving it a perfect finishing touch for both casual and dressy.

It is an item between an aster and a shirt.  -The size makes it easy to throw on.

-Material: COTTON(recycle organic)45%


-Made in Japan

*Size M: Length 78/81 / Shoulder width 54 / Bust 73 / Sleeve length 60.5

*Size L: Length 81/84 / Shoulder width 56 / Bust 77 / Sleeve length 63.5

    Color: Navy
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