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Jungle Fatigue Jacket

Jungle Fatigue Jacket

Material: 100% Cotton


Made in Japan


- A military jacket created from the design source of a US military jacket made for the subtropical zone in the 1960s and 1970s.
- The material is a twill fabric made from yarn-dyed 100th yarn as a double yarn.
- By changing the color of the warp and weft, the color changes like a jewel beetle due to the reflection of light.
- By burning off the fluff by gas baking, the material has a light and crispy taste in addition to a smooth touch.
- The pocket design peculiar to Jungle Fatigue has been re-arranged in a well-balanced manner, and the elbow patch and sleeves with tabs are mixed with the design of the BDU jacket, which is said to be a continuation of the later.


Size M: Length 76 Width 61 Sleeve length 62 Shoulder width 52
Size L:  Length 78 Width 63 Sleeve length 64 Shoulder width 54

Size XL: Length 80 Width 65 Sleeve length 66 Shoulder width 56

    HK$3,110.00 Regular Price
    HK$1,866.00Sale Price
    Color: Olive
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