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IROQUOIS / Senti - Dyneema Leather Tote Bag

IROQUOIS / Senti - Dyneema Leather Tote Bag

■Tote bag made with luxurious Dyneema leather and extremely minimalist finish

■The handle is made of bi-colored thick tape and is deliberately set short, and the shoulder strap is a single color and is placed inside so that it is not noticeable when not in use.  Mainly black leather with off-white accents in some parts.

■Dyneema laminated fabric is used for the inside pockets on both the left and right sides, and fluorescent piping tape that stands out against the translucent white material creates a pop finish that differs from the calm image on the front.

■When it comes to leather bags, we tend to hesitate to use them because we are concerned about their weight, but this product is thin, light, and easy to handle, making it hard to believe that it is a leather bag.

■Made with 1 piece without lining, weight 300g

[Dyneema® Bonded Leather / Dyneema Leather]

This innovative leather was jointly developed by Echo Leather, a Dutch company that supplies leather to some of the world's most famous fashion houses, and DSM, the company that created Dyneema®, a high-strength polyethylene fiber.  Dyneema® is used in things such as bulletproof vests and mountain climbing ropes, and is said to be the world's strongest fiber that can withstand harsh environments.  By laminating Dyneema® with high-quality cowhide leather that has been made as thin as possible with a thickness of 0.4 to 0.6 mm, it eliminates the disadvantage that "thin leather = weak" without impairing the original texture of the leather, and achieves both lightness and strength. This is the ultimate hybrid leather ever made.

In addition, Dyneema® Bonded Leather uses a tanning technology called "DriTan" developed by the company, which reduces water consumption by approximately 25 million liters per year, and minimizes wastewater discharge and chemical use. It's leather.

Using these Dyneema® Bonded Leather and Dyneema®, we will release a lightweight and durable leather product that is different from previous leather products.

-Material: Dyneema leather Dyneema fabric

-Made in Japan


    HK$3,070.00 Regular Price
    HK$2,149.00Sale Price
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