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INTERIM / Hyper Big M-41 Chinoes

INTERIM / Hyper Big M-41 Chinoes

-A hyper-big size version of the US military M-41 Chino, interpreted by INTERIM.  While maintaining the straight impression of the M-41, we have created a relaxed and wide silhouette by adding volume to the width.  The fabric is a weapon (right twill two-ply yarn) fabric that is a reproduction of the fabric of the time and has a glossy look.  41 Chino details such as 4-hole metal buttons, thick sleek on the back of the waist, and ball green pockets on the front and waist are included.  -A slightly dressier impression is achieved by using thread with a finer count than vintage and sewing with finely set needle movements.

-A weapon (West Point) fabric based on a study of vintage 41 Chino.  A high-density twill weave fabric that was also used for military academy uniforms, it is characterized by its high durability and lustrous appearance.

-Material: 100% Cotton

-Made in Japan

*Size 4: Waist 82 / Rise 35 / Inseam 73 / Watari 38 / Hem Width 29

*Size 5: Waist 86 / Rise 36 / Inseam 74 / Watari 39 / Hem Width 30

*Size 6: Waist 90 / Rise 37 / Inseam 75 / Watari 40 / Hem Width 31

    HK$1,690.00 Regular Price
    HK$1,014.00Sale Price
    Color: Beige
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