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INTERIM / Hyper Big 200/2 Supima Twill Regular Collar Shirt

INTERIM / Hyper Big 200/2 Supima Twill Regular Collar Shirt

-Material: 100% Cotton

-Made in Japan

-A regular color shirt inspired by the masterpiece of the 1990s by the French shirt label, a brand that leads the world's fashion, was created with two types of blue 200 pairs of twill with a beautiful luster.  The size of the chest pocket is kept, and it is tailored to a hyper big size.  The width, length, and armholes are loosely matched with a small collar to create a balance that matches both tucked in and out.  Sewing at a dress shirt factory in Japan, we have achieved a tailoring that does not feel sticky while using fine stitching.  Thin Takase shell buttons are used for the front and cuffs.

-Uses twill fabric woven with high density 200 count Supima cotton, which is extremely thin among shirt fabrics.  It is also called "the highest peak of shirt fabric", and its rich luster and smooth touch when worn through the sleeves are likened to silk.

*Length 87 / Chest 63 / Shoulder 57 / Sleeve 64

    HK$1,650.00 Regular Price
    HK$1,155.00Sale Price
    Color: L.Blue
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