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INTERIM / Heavy Wool Cashmere Tricotine 6P Cap

INTERIM / Heavy Wool Cashmere Tricotine 6P Cap

-A 6-panel cap based on the classic baseball cap with updated details.  Although it has a standard form, the thickness of the brim has been reduced to create a clean look.

-The warp threads are thick and stiff British wool, and the weft threads are a combination of smooth cashmere x wool thread and 100% cashmere thread.  This is an original fabric made of threads with contradictory properties.  It is densely woven using a low-speed loom with double-ended openings, giving it the sturdy, fleshy feel typical of a Royal Navy duffel.  Compared to last year, we have increased the amount of weft several times to make it even thicker.

・Original wool cashmere tricotine fabric ・Produced at a domestic fabric hat factory

-Material: WOOL 80% CASHMERE 20%

*Height 13 / Around the head 63 / Spit 6.5

    HK$800.00 Regular Price
    HK$640.00Sale Price
    Color: Orange
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