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INTERIM / Bleach Hyper Big V Loop Wheel Seamless Sweat Shirt

INTERIM / Bleach Hyper Big V Loop Wheel Seamless Sweat Shirt

-This loop-knit fabric is knitted in Wakayama Prefecture and can only be knitted at a rate of 1 meter per hour.  This is a special fabric that expresses a fuller and voluminous feel by knitting the reverse side of the loop-knit fabric irregularly with long and short piles.  In addition to custom-ordering the round body finish, the eggplant navy blue color was originally produced.

This double-V sweatshirt was inspired by the sweatshirts that physicist Albert Einstein liked to wear in his later years.  The retro-style loop-knit fabric was knitted in Wakayama Prefecture, with a round body finish and original color, and then vintage-washed and processed.  In addition to fading the color and adding small scratches to the entire body, a splash of bleach was added to the lower left corner, and a faded color reminiscent of sunburn was added to the back.  The image is that it will change over time as if you were actually wearing it and working for many years.  Can be worn with UNISEX.  Due to the characteristics of the fabric, there may be differences in texture and size.

-Material: 100% Cotton

-Made in Japan

*Size 4: Width 70cm / Length 64cm / Sleeve length 91cm

*Size 5: Width 72cm / Length 68cm / Sleeve length 93cm

    HK$1,690.00 Regular Price
    HK$1,183.00Sale Price
    Color: B.Nasu
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