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Jigsaw Mud - Jigsaw Crew Casual Socks

Jigsaw Mud - Jigsaw Crew Casual Socks

- Patchwork is a design element that we are very familiar with. For the patchwork sock from our December offering, if you take a closer look, you can see the different structures and arrays overlapping to create the overall look. It kind of looks like a puzzle or Boro design. This is a special December edition and so it’s richer, more festive, and more unique. We think it would be great as a gift or for any daily outfits.

- Style: Hybridity

- Color: Mud

- Size: 23-29cm

- Composition: 49% Cotton, 39% Nylon, 9% Skinlife®, 3% Lycra®

- Made in Taiwan

    Color: Mud
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