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Fake Suede Over Size LS Shirt (Black)

Fake Suede Over Size LS Shirt (Black)

- Material: 100% Polyester

*Size 1: Length 88 / Shoulder 53.5 / Chest 70 cm / Sleeve 66.5

*Size 2: Length 90 / Shoulder 55.5 / Chest 72 / Sleeve 68

- Made in Japan

- A long-sleeved shirt with plenty of volume

- The material is VEGAN SUEDE. Because the silhouette is characteristic

It is a thin fabric whose color changes with movement.

- This texture is very easy to use in early spring, and if you notice it, you can pick it up.

- Although it is oversized, adjust the dimensions such as width of the body and shoulder width,

Oversized, such as back drapes and cutting,

Techniques are put in everywhere so that when worn, it will have a nice silhouette that does not make you feel the size.

    HK$2,170.00 Regular Price
    HK$1,302.00Sale Price
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