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Everyday Bag

Everyday Bag

-This time, we asked ITTI, a small leather goods brand, to make it.

-Together with highly sensitive craftsmen who have experience at a long-established factory in partnership with ITTI

-High quality manufacturing has been realized.


-A big size shoulder bag that fits a 16inch PC.

-There is one smartphone pocket on the outside (magnet closure), and the other one has a carabiner.

-There are 4 inner pockets inside.  (with zipper on one side)

-Nylon ox material that can be used all year round, all seasons,

-It can be used for various fashion.


-body size

*About W:480×H:315×D:200mm

-Handle size H: 500mm Length: 840mm


-Outer fabric / NYLON: 100% 

-Nylon ox fabric treated with Teflon for water and oil repellency.  

-Lining / NYLON: 100% 

-Nylon twill

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