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Dyed Damage Hoodie

Dyed Damage Hoodie

This hoodie has an aged finish.

This is ANCELLM first hoodie.

-We added an element of retro-fit by making it with a milling collar and cutting it in afterwards.

We also devised the silhouette and specifications.

-The coloring was done with a new dyeing method this time, and the color was produced with a unique recipe.

-The colorful hues and faded black color were reproduced by dyeing.

It is also an unlikely color that is different from true vintage clothing.

-The fabric has a damaged finish and is also processed to give it an uneven look.

-This is a dress that we would like you to layer from the severed collar.

- Material: 100% Cotton

*Size 1: Length 66 / Shoulder 69 / Width 66 / Sleeve 58

*Size 2: Length 68 / Shoulder 71 / Width 68 / Sleeve 59.5

    HK$2,460.00 Regular Price
    HK$1,476.00Sale Price
    Color: Mustard
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