Drawing Check Linen Wide Pants

Drawing Check Linen Wide Pants

- Adopts a loose slacks design with a wide silhouette.

- The overall size is relaxed with a 2 tuck and a loose fit around the waist, but we have calculated and created the balance of materials and patterns so that it gives a refreshing impression when worn.

- The material is 14/- linen canvas that uses only high-quality threads blended by the world's oldest linen spinning manufacturer in France.

- Linen, which usually tends to be hard, is softened at a processing plant in Japan.

- The painted check is an original check that was hand drawn by an artist, and the size of each check is slightly different.

It has a unique expression that can only be expressed by handwriting.

- In addition, we are particular about the dyes used in the drawings, and after repeated trial and error, we use dyes that gradually wear off the print and change the expression to express the brand.

- We also have a jacket that uses the same fabric, so we recommend wearing it in a set-up style.

- Made in Japan

- Material: 100% Linen

*Size 1: Waist 96cm / rise 36cm / inseam 58.5cm / thigh 44.5cm / hem width 24.5cm

*Size 2: Waist 100cm / rise 36.5cm / inseam 59.5cm / thigh 45.5cm /hem width 25.5cm

    Color: Natural