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DISCOVERED / Looping Damage Border Cutsaw

DISCOVERED / Looping Damage Border Cutsaw

-A pullover cut and sew made of thin and firm striped cotton jersey fabric.

-Along with the hard distressed finish, the stitching thread adds color accents to give it a unique look.

-You can incorporate it into your style regardless of the bottom you pair it with, whether it's casual with denim or chino pants or traditional with slacks.

-It is also recommended for layered styles such as wearing it under a blouson or jacket.

-This is an item that can be used all season.

-Material: 100% Cotton

-Made in Japan

*Size 1: Width 62 / Shoulder width 57 / Length 76 / Sleeve length 59

*Size 3: Width 64 / Shoulder width 59 / Length 76 / Sleeve length 61

    HK$1,390.00 Regular Price
    HK$834.00Sale Price
    Color: White x Black
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