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CLESSTE / Vintage Wash Selvedge Denim City Military Half Pants

CLESSTE / Vintage Wash Selvedge Denim City Military Half Pants

-This time, we received cooperation from SHIOTA, one of the traditional sewing factories in Okayama, a fierce battleground for denim factories, and they created denim that combines skilled sewing techniques.

-The motif is the overpants that were made to be worn over the M-51 cargo pants that were officially adopted in 1951, and the design is updated to be more modern and cut off below the knee. The cargo pockets on the sides have been changed to a more modern design. The waist is elastic and has a drawstring.

-Made in Japan in the Bitchu/Bingo region of Okayama Prefecture, a world-renowned denim production area. The warp threads are indigo rope dyed, and the dye does not reach the center of the threads, so you can enjoy the texture of the denim as it changes over time.

-The 10.5oz fabric can be used all year round.

-After the denim is woven, it is mercerized in the final process to give it an even more glossy look.

-The mercerized process and extra-long staple cotton are a perfect match, resulting in denim that is smooth, supple, and shiny.

Supima yarn also has excellent durability.

This plump selvedge denim is woven on a shuttle loom with just the right amount of uneven yarn.

-Made in Japan

*Waist: 78cm - 102cm / Rise: 34.5cm / Inseam: 30cm / Thigh width: 41.7cm / Hem width: 37cm

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