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CLESSTE / Striped City L/s Knit Shirts

CLESSTE / Striped City L/s Knit Shirts

-An oversized shirt with an authentic regular collar design.

-Despite its large size, the cuffs and collar can be adjusted to fit comfortably.

-The high-density plain weave of typewriter fabric has been knitted on Kanemasa Mokdaisho Co., Ltd.'s original high-gauge jacquard machine.

-It has high stretchability, is comfortable to wear once you put it on, and is easy to care for with little change in shape such as wrinkles when worn or washed.

The ultra-high density knitting gives it a glossy and firm texture.

A unique resin treatment has been applied to create a fabric with even more firmness.

-Material: 59% Polyester 41% Polyester

-Made in Japan

*Size 1: Width: 72.5cm / Length: 78cm / Shoulder width: 55cm / Sleeve length: 61cm

*Size 2: Width: 76.5cm / Length: 81.5cm / Shoulder width: 57cm / Sleeve length: 63cm

    Color: Blue x White
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