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CLESSTE / Soft Shell Massive Pants

CLESSTE / Soft Shell Massive Pants

-Wide pants with rounded volume.

-The silhouette features a balloon silhouette with a unique curved pattern.

-The waist has elastic and a string can be passed through the inside of the waist, so it can be worn without a belt.

-The hem also has an adjuster, so you can change the silhouette.

-The rise is deep, so you can enjoy wearing it on your hips, high waist, or whatever you prefer.

-The material is a polyester double cloth called TEXBRID®.  It has excellent elasticity, durability, and flexibility, and is said to be less prone to deterioration than regular polyester.

-Material: Polyester 100%

-Made in Japan

*Waist: 78cm - 95cm /Rise: 34.5cm / Inseam: 71cm / Watari: 41cm / Hem width: 26cm

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