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CLESSTE / Selvedge Denim 7 Pockets Straight Pants 

CLESSTE / Selvedge Denim 7 Pockets Straight Pants 

-This time, we had the cooperation of "SHIOTA", one of the most traditional sewing factories in Okayama among the many denim factories in the fierce battlefield, and we had them make denim with a combination of skilled sewing techniques.

-Based on the vintage coveralls of a certain 90's brand (Pol○).  The width and armholes are modernly interpreted and balanced.

-Production is made in Japan in Okayama Prefecture / Bicchu / Bingo district, which is a world-class denim production area.  The warp is dyed with indigo rope, and the center of the thread is not completely dyed, so you can enjoy the look of denim as it ages.

-After the denim is woven, it is mercerized in the final process to make it even more lustrous.

The combination of mercerization and extra-long staple cotton is excellent, resulting in denim that is smooth, supple and glossy.

-Supima yarn is also very durable.

-Puffy selvedge denim woven on a shuttle loom with just the right amount of unevenness.

-Material: 100% Cotton

*Size 1: Waist: 80 / Rise: 30.5cm / Inseam: 73cm / Watari: 32.5cm / Hem width: 29cm

*Size 2: Waist: 84cm / Rise: 31cm / Inseam: 77cm / Watari: 34cm / Hem width: 30.5cm

    HK$1,750.00 Regular Price
    HK$1,575.00Sale Price
    Color: Indigo Faded
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