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CLESSTE / Polartec ® Reversible Military Jacket

CLESSTE / Polartec ® Reversible Military Jacket

-Reversible fleece jacket made with Polartec ® Thermal Pro ®.  A second-hand 3XL big-sized fleece jacket updated for a more urban look.

-The back side is a matte nylon material.  It has a 2-way design that allows you to use both the front and back as the main role.  The raglan sleeves allow it to be worn by people of various body types.

-This item can be used as your main outerwear in the middle of winter.

-POLARTEC THERMAL PRO is the most technologically advanced of Polartec's insulation materials and has the highest warmth to weight ratio.

-Thermal Pro® yarns are dyed in a spectrum of vibrant colors.  A unique finishing technique ensures every knit construction has the right look and feel.  Technical fiber composition maintains a soft texture and air pockets for temperature regulation and breathability.  Knitted from premium polyester yarn, Thermal Pro ® is comfortable, resilient and stylish.

-By using full dull nylon for the warp and Taslan nylon for the weft, it has a spun-like, matte texture.

-It also features a soft texture and moderate firmness.  It is an environmentally friendly material as it is made of recycled nylon and uses a CO line water agent.

-Material: Polartec ® Thermal Pro ® (POLYESTER100%) / Lining: 100% NYLON

-Made in Japan

*Size 1: Length 70.5cm / Width  73cm / Shoulder width *Raglan sleeves / Sleeve length 91cm

*Size 2: Length 74.5 / Width 75cm / Shoulder width *Raglan sleeves / Sleeve length 93cm

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