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CLESSTE / Massive Knit S/S Shirt

CLESSTE / Massive Knit S/S Shirt

-An oversized shirt with an authentic regular color design.

-Although it is a large size, it can be worn comfortably by adjusting the cuffs and collar.

-Using the high-gauge original jacquard machine owned by Kanemasa Co., Ltd., we woven a high-density plain weave fabric called a typewriter.

-It is highly stretchable and comfortable to wear once you put it on.

-It is characterized by its luster and firmness due to its ultra-high density knitting.

-By applying our own resin processing, we have created a fabric with more elasticity.

-Material: 41% Cotton 59% Polyester

-Made in Japan

*Chest 79 / Length 82 / Shoulder 58 / Sleeve 31

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