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CLESSTE / Active City S/S Polo Shirt

CLESSTE / Active City S/S Polo Shirt

-A large size polo shirt, equivalent to 3XL, made of a special Kanoko material that feels cool to the touch, absorbs water, and dries quickly. Enjoy the summer with a cool and comfortable feel. You can arrange the way you wear it by adjusting the hem adjuster.

-Also used in sportswear, etc.Uses sweat-absorbing, quick-drying knit material field sensor.A material that moves sweat from your skin to the fabric surface when you sweat, reducing unpleasant stickiness. It dries quickly because absorbed sweat is instantly diffused on the surface of the fabric, and the textured structure of the fabric also provides a cool feeling when worn. In addition, it has been treated with Techno Clean, which makes it easy to remove sebum stains and has deodorizing effects.

-Material: 100% Polyester

*Width: 70cm / Length: 73cm / Shoulder width: 60cm / Sleeve length: 28cm

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