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Chambray Shirts Jacket

Chambray Shirts Jacket

- In terms of sewing, the width of the W-stitch is set narrower than usual to create a good sense of discomfort.

- Sewing threads are also sewn with cotton threads, which are rarely used anymore due to rising costs and inefficient sewing.

- Cotton yarns have an atmosphere that other yarns do not have when it comes to familiarity when processed.

The material is a carefully selected expressive chambray.

- We have added firm processing to achieve the appearance of an unlikely chambray.

- Each piece is rubbed by hand by craftsmen, and the stains are also produced in original colors.

- Furthermore, we were able to create a chambray look that is not seen even in old clothes by finishing even the stained areas together.

- Material: 100% Cotton

*Size 1: Length 67 / Chest 62 / Shoulder 59 / Sleeve 58

*Size 2: Length 69 / Chest 63 / Shoulder 60 / Sleeve 59

    HK$3,350.00 Regular Price
    HK$2,010.00Sale Price
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