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Carsey Coverall Jacket

Carsey Coverall Jacket

- ANCELLM classic coverall type

and used Onisage.

- The shoulder line is created using a technique that is also used in tailoring, and the silhouette incorporates various techniques in the pattern, such as adopting a single sleeve that makes the sleeves look neat.

- Using thick wool thread,

Calculate the driving to the limit so that the beautiful twill stands out,

A well-balanced wool/cotton surge material with weaving technology.

- It is an impression that looks beautiful,

The thick thread makes it a flexible and comfortable material.

- Water buffalo button use

- Made in Japan

- Material: 60% wool, 40% cotton

*Size 1: Length 74cm / Shoulder width 51cm / Width 62cm / Sleeve length 57.5cm

*Size 2: Length 75cm / Shoulder width 53cm / Width 64cm / Sleeve length 59cm

#Wearing model: 160cm Wearing size: 1

    HK$2,500.00 Regular Price
    HK$1,500.00Sale Price
    Color: White
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