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BLANC YM / Silk Denim Wide Pants

BLANC YM / Silk Denim Wide Pants

-Silk denim pants with a wide silhouette and a matching fabric belt. ​

-Although it is made of denim material, it has an elegant look similar to slack pants.

-It features details not normally found in denim pants, such as the shading of the fabric due to the 3-tuck design, and the specifications of each pocket, including the beaded pocket.

-The stitching color also uses thread of the same color as the denim in pursuit of a stoic look.

-The fabric is a glossy denim material blended with unique silk that is 12oz but soft.

-For the warp, we use high-quality cotton yarn, which is a blend of high-quality cotton from around the world, mainly Texas cotton from the United States, which is known for its pure white color.

-The indigo color of the warp is ECO dyed, which uses room-temperature electrolyzed water in the treatment process to reduce chemicals and CO2 emissions.  The weft thread is a mixture of silk pongee thread and cotton nep thread called noil silk.

-Material: 78% Cotton 22% Silk

*Size S: Waist 80cm / Rise 36cm / Inseam 68cm / Thigh circumference 40cm / Hem circumference 28cm

*Size M: Waist 85cm / Rise 38cm / Inseam 69cm / Thigh circumference 41cm / Hem circumference 29cm

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