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BLANC YM / RWP Ripstop Wide Pants

BLANC YM / RWP Ripstop Wide Pants

-Easy pants from Blanc YM.

It has an easy-to-wear drawcord and elastic waistband, and a sturdy, wide silhouette. In addition, the hem has a stretch cord that allows you to change the volume of the hem. The material is polyester ripstop with a wool blend. It has a rebound and firmness, yet has the soft luster and drape characteristic of wool.

-Material: 80% polyester 20% wool

-Made in Japan

*Size S: Waist 80 / Rise 37 / Inseam 65 / Hem 26

*Size M: Waist 85 / Rise 38 / Inseam 66 / Hem 27

*Size L: Waist 90 / Rise 39 / Inseam 68 / Hem 28

    Color: Black
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